About Us


In 2001, Foreign Policy opened in Valdosta, Georgia, across from Moody Air Force Base. The company was moved to Fort Myers, Florida in June 2003. It is now owned and operated by Mike and Tanya Childress.

Our enthusiasm and our passion for vintage Volkswagens is what set's us apart from the competitors. We are just like our customers, we are busting our knuckles in the garage trying to get that project together for the show, we are saving our dollars for that set of wheels we have been drooling over, we are fighting rust and keeping VW's alive.

We eat, sleep, talk, build and drive Volkswagens.
We don't make "sales" at Foreign Policy we make friends and customers.

We have three ways to get the parts you need:

  • Shop locally from the store Ft, Myers
  • Virtual Warehouse open 24 hours over the Internet (where the orders will be filled during business hrs or on the next business day)
  • Or you can usually find us at VW's shows all over the Southeast


Mike Childress

Mike got into VW's at the age of 16 when he was in high school. All of his friends had Beetles and he purchased his first VW in 1990, a 1974 Standard Beetle. The obsession grew from there. Since then, he has owned a 1967 Westfalia, a 1987 Jetta GLI, a 1967 Beetle, a 1970 Beetle, a 1969 Westfalia, a 1969 Beetle, a 1970 Bus, a 1967 21-Window, a 1984 "POS GTI" Rabbit, a 2002 Jetta Wagon "the Steed", a 1982 Rabbit, and a 1959 Ragtop. While going to school for business management, Mike worked several jobs. He did everything from selling auto parts to operating amusement park rides to automotive welding. In 2001, while living in Valdosta GA, he offered to buy a VW parts store from its previous owners and it wasn't long before they took him up on it. In 2002, Mike met the girl of his dreams and in June 2003, he moved himself and Foreign Policy to Fort Myers, Florida. Today you will see Mike riding around town in his 1962 Double Door Walk Through Panel or his 1996 Jetta.

Tanya Childress

Tanya was born and raised in Southwest Florida. Her father is an auto body technician and has owned his own body shop for over 30 years. Her mother is a restaurant owner and an avid car lover. Tanya was raised around cars and spent most of her childhood traveling to car shows. When she was 12, her father asked her what kind of car she wanted when she was old enough to drive; without hesitation, she told him she wanted a Beetle. They searched for the perfect Beetle and in 1995, they found a 1971 model that Tanya and her father fixed up and she drove everyday for four years. Since then, she has owned a 1967 Bus, a 1958 European Convertible, a 1962 European Ragtop Beetle, a 1963 Beetle, a 1996 Jetta, and a 2002 Jetta GLI. Today you will see Tanya driving around town in her 1966 garage-find Beetle or her 1966 Bus.

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